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Branch AGM Documents

AGM Agenda 2022
AGM Minutes 2021
Committee 2021-2022 Revision July 2022
Committee Nominations 2022-2023
Brief Description of Committee Roles

Branch Meeting Agenda

July 2022

Branch Meeting Minutes

July 2022
April 2022
March 2022
January 2022
November 2021
Minutes of On-Line Ctte Meeting 6 October 2021
September 2021
August 2021
July 2021 (Revised 4)
June 2021 (Revised)
May 2021 (Revised)
April 2021
March 2021
February 2021
January 2021
Beer Scoring Guide

NBSS Updates

NBSS Update - July 22
NBSS Update Full Year 2021/2
NBSS Update Full Year 2020
NBSS Full Year 2019
NBSS Full Year 2018
NBSS Full Year 2017
NBSS Full Year 2016
NBSS Full Year 2015


Branch Pub of the Year Process 2022
Branch Community Pub of the Year Process 2022
Branch Club of the Year process 2022
Pub of the Year Process - National & Branch - Jan 2022


Branch Meeting poster
Pub of the Season Poster - Spring
Pub of the Season Poster - Summer
Pub of the Season Poster - Autumn
Pub of the Season Poster - Winter
Community Pub of the Year poster

Other Docs

Landlord Welcome Letter - updated July 2022
Branch Constitution - Updated April 2022
Beer Festival Checklist for New Organisers - April 2013
Meetings Schedule Revised July 2019

Website Content Management

Click Diary Entry 'How to' Guide to download a document containing useful notes on how to add an Event to the Branch Diary and other website tasks you may need to do such as adding Downloads and adding Links.

List of Website Page Responsibilities

North Cheshire BranchChairman
N Cheshire Pub GuideWebmaster (Auto-updated from What?ub)
How you can get InvolvedMembership Sec
Branch DiarySecretary/Social Sec
Assets of Community Value/Local CampaigningVarious, depending on campaign/Webmaster
Branch Social EventsSocial Secretary
What is Real Ale?Webmaster
Real Cider and PerryApple Officer
GBG Selection ProcessNBSS/GBG Coordinators
Branch AwardsPubs Officer
Roll of HonourPubs Officer
LocAle Accredited PubsLocAle Coordinator
CAMRA Member DiscountsPubs Officer
BreweriesWebmaster (Info from BLOs)
Beer FestivalsFestival Organizer
Walking TrailSecretary
Links to Other WebsitesWebmaster
Members' AreaSecretary/Webmaster
National CAMRA etc. Not amendable

Diary Page Free Entry Guidelines (non CAMRA events)

Click link: Diary Page Free Entry Guidelines (Non-CAMRA events) April 2022

Notes on How to add a new document download to a Website page

However, please be aware of the guidance (above) agreed at Branch Meeting on which type of event should and should not be promoted on the Diary page.

  1. You need to sign on to the North Cheshire CAMRA website. The Webmaster needs to have given you the rights to update the site otherwise you will not be able to see the menu options that allow updating.
  2. Select “add content” at the bottom of the left hand menu bar.
  3. Select the file you want to upload after clicking the “browse” button. I normally save the minutes in Word 97-3003 format (.doc) as I don’t know if everyone who wants to read the minutes has a more up to date copy of word. I guess you could also use PDF format.
  4. Add the title of the document in the “Name” field.
  5. Click “add download” then make a note of the download number - it will be in the format "" ! where nnnnn is the number. If you forgot to note down the Download number, don't worry. You can use the List available content menu option to find the number. Just click the checkbox for Downloads and then use the Filter by Title box to search for the Download by name.
  6. Select “Members’ Area” from the left hand menu bar.
  7. Click “Edit this” at the bottom of the page under “Administration”.
  8. Scroll down the “body” box to find the location where you want to add the document.
  9. Copy and paste an existing line into the appropriate location and overwrite the document number with the number noted above.
  10. Click “Update page”.
  11. Select “View page” to check your changes.
  12. Sign out

Technical Guidance

BeerEngine provides comprehensive support information in the form of the CAMRA BeerEngine Support Pages. It is recommended that you become familiar with these pages before embarking on updating the website. The Support pages describe how to use a number of simple formatting techniques, but there are many more techniques available using HTML Tags - see Support page HTML Support in Body.

Demonstration Pages

There are a couple of website pages illustrating techniques that can be used when creating or editing pages. They are Example Page and Test Page.

Example Page shows a number of text-formatting styles plus some Links and also how an Image is inserted.

You can use Test Page to try out a new formatting technique without the risk of exposing it on the public site. For example, it has been used to try out a Table format to show the timetable for Club of the Year.

There is also a page called Table Test Page showing a 'before' and 'after' image of the same table in two different formats that has been used to try out a new table format before putting it into use.


A good way of learning how to create pages is to look at existing pages and copy techniques that you would like to use. The former BeerEngine users group on yahoogroups is no longer active and has been replaced by the BeerEngine Special Interest group in CAMRA Discourse. You can use this to find answers to problems encountered or to post new queries. Lastly, the Webmaster is always happy to help out anyone who asks if they make contact.